The Best Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension

posted on 12, Sun, 04, 2020 00:00

Unicorns in the movies and fairy tales have always been of heroic stature. The quintessential symbol of power, beauty and wonder and a beloved subject for paintings and statuary. So, it's only natural that the unicorns in most web sites are often huge, beautifully colored and beautiful in their own right. They have to be even more charming and enchanting when they can be downloaded as icons.

Of course, a traditional icon can be downloaded with the Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension which will offer users the option to download the unicorns in the form of an image. It can be accessed from any website which features unicorns, but the user may choose to download the icon either for use in their personalized Chrome browser toolbar or to display on their home screen or in their email signature or on their desktop.

At the moment, the extension is only compatible with chrome, so users who do not have the extension installed must browse to a web page that offers the icon they desire and then install the extension. However, there is no restriction regarding web site owners whether or not they allow the extension to be installed on their pages. Users can put Unicorn Smasher icons on other web sites by simply copying the code of the icon to another site.

If users want to save space when downloading a Unicorn Smasher icon they can simply put the icon in the form of a PNG file. This is most suitable when many users log onto the same web page and one of them wishes to download the icon for a desktop or email signature. The PNG image that can be used depends on the user's preferences and must be authorized to be saved.

The icons offered by the Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension are in various formats including JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF, JPG and PNG. It also allows the user to choose from hundreds of characters and colors, allowing them to match the theme of the web sites to which they are uploaded.

On Chrome, users can easily add their own icons to the extensions by searching for a name and typing the code. They may then select the icons they like and upload them to their profile. To update their profile they can simply search for the icon and copy the URL to their browser and paste it into the toolbar.

These extensions are compatible with all versions of Chrome except for the Developer and Canary channels. A few notes about these two versions: the latter's icons are not enabled while developers' are.

It is advisable to take a look at the unicorns you like and feel drawn to. Use the Unicorn Smasher icons to compliment your profile. The icons are a personal gift from the Unicorn Smasher to the users who support him.

There are plenty of third party sites available on the internet offering friendly tools to help users download icons. These websites range from generic to elaborate. Although it is possible to save the icons you like by using the Web Icon Manager or Handy Icons, but one must remember that this will make the icons accessible to all the people who access this application.

While trying to download your favorite icons it is important to realize that even though the icons are protected by a captcha when downloaded, it will still be possible for a hacker to find out the passwords that prevent anyone from getting the icons. This can be prevented by using a Firefox-based browser to access the website and not the Opera or Chrome browsers.

When the icons have been downloaded to the user's computer, they will need to go to the website which offers the downloads and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Downloading the icons in this way is easier than if the links were not provided. The images will automatically be stored in the user's system.

The icons can be accessed by searching for them in the Unicorn Smasher app files and on the web by searching for them using the name of the icon. This is done before downloading them to avoid losing the information contained within the icons. They can also be found in the group files.

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